Hello! We are Jess & David Cairney (as of March 2016) and we decided that the first year of marriage was the best time to put our UK lives on hold and take off for a year.

For us, this is the perfect time to take a year out as David has just finished his first 2 years as a doctor and this is a natural career break before starting specialty training. He wants to do paediatrics which is another 8 years of training so we thought we’d take this time as an opportunity to escape normal life before we settle down properly. For me, I have no idea what to do with my life. I have a good job which has been flexible to let me take a year out, but I’ve always known it’s not my forever job. Or maybe it will be, I’m hoping this year will help me figure it out.

We decided to spend some of the time living / working in a new country and the rest travelling for a couple of reasons. One, because David has lived, studied and worked in Edinburgh his whole life (I’ve had the pleasure of growing up in Hartlepool), and so he is curious about what it’s like to actually live elsewhere. Two, it doesn’t look great for David applying to paediatric training if he’s had a year off doing no medicine. Three, the working part will make our travel budget waaay more appealing (we only started saving up for this post wedding which took us down to zero!).

From August 2016,  we’ll be moving to Palmerston North, New Zealand’s 7th largest ‘city’ – I say ‘city’ as we’ve now been here for a week and it is really just a medium sized town. We decided on New Zealand as it needed to be somewhere that spoke English, somewhere that David didn’t need to do any more exams to practice medicine and somewhere we wanted to travel around. Palmy happened to be the ‘city’ David got the job in.
I’ve since been fortunate to also find a job in Wellington (about 2 hours away), and so I’ll be staying in a hotel there a few nights a week.

Travel plans are still TBC so watch this space!