June Summary

June included some of the highlights of the trip so far (The Gal√°pagos Islands & our massive trek to Machu Picchu) and so overall it was excellent. We spent about a week and a half more in Peru, continuing to enjoy the food there, and just under 3 weeks in Ecuador, a country filled with … More June Summary

May Summary

May was a month full of organised tours and 5 different countries – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. It was pretty full on and, at times, tiring but we’ve seen so many crazy landscapes that it’s definitely been worth it (don’t feel too sorry for us). So for May we’ve visited: Brazil Foz do … More May Summary

April Summary

April started with a long flight home from Thailand for another whirlwind week at home. We were making quick stop for a good friend’s wedding which was very much worth the trip. Fi & Pete got married in Pitlochry, a beautiful Scottish town a couple of hours north of Edinburgh. We stayed up there for … More April Summary

March Summary

March kicked off our 5 months of travel with a month in Thailand. We spent the first half exploring the north, from Bangkok up as far as Pai. This half of the trip was historical, cultural and mountainous. We visited: Bangkok – a busy, developed, hot, smelly, interesting place. It was a much easier introduction … More March Summary

February Summary

So February was class. David had managed to accumulate lots of annual leave and I had finished work properly so it was like a massive holiday ticking off the final bits on the NZ bucket list (and finishing the 6 bottles of wine we had left (and the 4 we’d added to it)). When we … More February Summary

January Summary

January started by collecting my mam from the airport in Wellington. She was visiting us from the UK for 3 weeks and I was really excited to see her after over 4 months away. Unlike other visitors, Mam was visiting to see us much more than New Zealand as she’s been here twice before. We … More January Summary

A few days to spare outside of Auckland? Bay of Islands vs. Coromandel

We recently had a similar dilemma, only 3 days to spare around our time in Auckland and wanting some time to relax by the sea whilst getting to see a bit more of New Zealand. With a bit of research this landed us with 2 options (both about 2-3 hours away depending on where you … More A few days to spare outside of Auckland? Bay of Islands vs. Coromandel

December Summary

December marks the start of Summer for New Zealand which means that whilst the temperature edges up, the build up to Christmas is non-existent. People still try, they put up trees and pictures of Santa with fake snow but it just feels weird. I decided early on that I just wouldn’t get my hopes up … More December Summary

November Summary

Natural Disasters and the Cairney Visit Well this month was full of highs and lows. On one hand, David’s parents came to visit (a high by the way!) and we managed to tick off a few more activities and on the other, there were earthquakes, evacuations, lots of aftershocks, a tooth infection and TRUMP GOT … More November Summary